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Provider: Traccar
Aplicom protocols: D, E, H, F, EB
Languages: 50
Aplicom products: A11, A9 NEX, A9 TRIX, A9 IPEX EBS, A1 TRAX, A1 MAX
Aplicom accessories: iButton, RFID, EBS, temperature sensor, FMS CAN
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Traccar software

Traccar GPS tracking software has been under active development since 2009. Main advantage over other products on the market is the open source nature of Traccar. Project is fully open source and completely free to use both for personal and commercial purposes. It makes it attractive for small and medium businesses by drastically reducing cost, and for large businesses by allowing them to customize and extend exsiting high quality solution. Traccar company can also provide fully-hosted solution with professional support.
Traccar includes a wide range of GPS tracking features:
- Live tracking
- Various reports
- Alarms and notifications
- Multiple map layers
- Geofencing
- Network location support
- User management
In addition to modern web interface Traccar includes a set of mobile apps available for both Android and iOS platforms.
Another significant advantage of Traccar GPS tracking system is support for more than 140 different communication protocols, including extensive support for Aplicom devices.

Traccar company

Traccar Ltd is registered in Russian Federation. Company specializes on GPS tracking services and software development.
More than 50 developers have contributed to the project, including company employees and external contributors with experience in GPS tracking field. A team of more than 100 translators is working on the project localization. Traccar platform is used by thousands of businesses from more than 140 countries around the world.
Traccar developers have experience in all areas of software development, from back-end and web apps to native mobile applications.







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