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Provider: Helpten
Aplicom protocols: D, E, F, G
Languages: Arabic, English, Finnish, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Aplicom products: A1 TRAX, A1 MAX, A1 MAX RDL, A9 NEX
Aplicom accessories: iButton, 3PAD keypad, Garmin FMI
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Helpten Driving Data Service is a complete service package for managing company and private driving. Helpten Service decreases fuel and maintenance costs, automates processes, billing and reporting, lengthens vehicles’ operating time and reduces carbon footprint. With Helpten companies can improve the utilization of their fleet, and the driving data can also be integrated to different operative systems or to maintenance and repair service of your choice. Flexible Alert system allows you to be immediately notified about unauthorized usage of any of the vehicles. User friendly Helpten Service has been created with innovative open-interface architecture and high level data security, reliability and privacy handling. All development projects are based on our customer’s actual needs and wishes. Strong cooperation network guarantees the best available prices and high quality.







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