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Provider: GpsGate
Aplicom protocols: D, E, F
Languages: Arabic, Czech, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish and Thai.
Aplicom products: A9 NEX, A1 TRAX, A1 MAX
Aplicom accessories: -
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GpsGate develops innovative software solutions for web based GPS tracking. Our goal is to provide our customers with affordable software providing real business value. Our strategy is to be open with the possibilities, documentation and limitations in our products. This will hopefully lead you to an easier decision on if and how to use our products. GpsGate AB is a privately held company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

GpsGateServer - a flexible, feature rich, low cost, easy to use solution that can be downloaded and installed on your local server behind your firewall

GpsGate Server is a leading web based GPS tracking platform successfully used by transportation companies, police and fire departments, utility companies, service organisations and other businesses with mobile workers around the world. In addition to real time tracking the GpsGate Server platform includes modules for Vehicle Maintenance, Dispatch, ECO Driving, Driver Journal, Alerts and Reporting. GpsGate Server is easy to install on-site on your own servers and it is also available as a hosted service that you access with a web browser for access. The on-site installation is free for 5 users and the hosted option has a 30 day free trial.


GPS tracking server

Install your own GPS tracking server and track up to 5 trackers for free.


Click on the image above to download your own GPS tracking server. It can be installed on computers running Windows.

With the tracking server you can:

  • Track your vehicles in real time in a web browser or in your smartphone (Android or iPhone)
  • Create historical reports of where your vehicles have been and how they have been used. You can setup reports to be emailed automatically
  • Setup business policies for your vehicles and get real time alerts over email and SMS when required
  • Start a tracking business with multiple customers on one server. Included Application templates makes configuration easy
  • Extend the platform to external systems using the open APIs
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