New EBS SW option for A9 IPEX

Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) contain lots of important information on trailers and other transportation equipment. Aplicom A9 IPEX enables CAN based SW connection to utilize this useful information in telematics system. EBS solution enables monitoring, reporting and sending of event based snapshots to back-end system for monitoring use and operation conditions of trucks, lorries and trailers. 

With the use of EBS software option Aplicom provides the most important braking system information such as axle loads to calculate load weight, brake lining wear, distance to next service, vehicle speed and total distance, tire pressure (requires Integrated Vehicle Tyre Monitoring system (IVTM) installed), failure status and many more data according to ISO standard.

The ISO standard implementation offers generic support for all EBS systems manufacturers supporting it, and additionally part of manufacturing specific data is possible to get from makes: Haldex, Knorr Bremse and Wabco.

Make your cargo and trailer monitoring better and more efficient with EBS. 

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