Cold Chain Solution to protect valuable and easily perishable cargo

Aplicom’s temperature software option enables the use of official cold chain data by reading and sending cargo cold chain temperatures and alerts to a back-end office.

Aplicom’s solution for temperature monitoring offers an easy way to keep the cargo undamaged from temperature changes. The temperature is constantly monitored, and when changes occur they can be processed to send an alarm to the driver and/or the office immediately. Alarming the driver about significant changes allows him to drive the lorry to a nearby storage depot or to transfer the cargo to another lorry if the original vehicle’s refrigerator system breaks down.
How does it work?
Aplicom A9 NEX or A9 IPEX is connected to the lorry’s refrigerator unit’s data logger. From the data logger Aplicom units collect temperature sensor data and alarm events. By reading temperature and threshold data, the driver and back-end system can be informed with alerts if the predefined temperature limits are exceeded. The threshold can be defined at the back-end system or from the data logger by the driver. Aplicom Cold Chain Solution is available for the most common data loggers available in the market.
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