Aplicom Newsletter September 2011

- Expanding user base for R-series

- Improvements to myGarmin services

- Remarkable End-User Savings when using Aplicom telematics

Expanding user base for R-series

Aplicom R-series usage expands with enhanced functionality. An increasing number of Aplicom partners are quickly expanding through offering Aplicom R1 or Aplicom R8 for their simpler tracking applications. Aplicom is releasing a new version of the R-series software, which has many benefits:

  • More accurate positioning at the beginning of journeys and when stopping
  • No need for ignition connection for easy installation of R1 units
  • More efficient buffer data transfer to server system (similarly as in A1)
  • Increased software reliability in exceptional situations

The easy portability of R8 in applications, where the vehicle tracker or driver log book device needs to be transferred with a driver to different vehicles, has been valuable in many customer applications. The reliable and long battery life is a real benefit.

Improvements to myGarmin services

There have been some positive changes to the myGarmin services. It is no longer necessary to obtain the device registration for obtaining the chargeable map update, Lifetime map update or the Garmin 90 day map warranty update. These changes make the devices’ map updates considerably easier. Contact us for further information.

Remarkable End-User Savings when using Aplicom telematics

In the most recent market study by Frost & Sullivan on medium and heavy commercial vehicles, the benefits of using telematics have been calculated.

The savings per month per vehicle is 233 €. The savings are achieved as follows:

  • Reduced waiting time; 23 €
  • Remote download of real-time digital tachograph data; 23 €
  • Increased productivity; 25 €
  • Fuel consumption savings; 36 €
  • Route planning; 126 €
    • Resulting in less wear and tear

A package made up of Aplicom’s A1 MAX (RDL) and 7” WinCE unit provides roughly the HW content for the calculated example. The payback period per truck with a 233 € monthly saving would be approximately 10 months.

Further savings are likely to be made by the use of advanced back-end integration, ADAS integration, driver training and others. Included in these further savings is a 63 €/vehicle/month reduction in administration time efforts and cutback of process costs through remote driver card and mass memory downloads. This service can be provided to your customers with A1 MAX-RDL.

The payback period in the study is calculated using the following telematics cost assumptions: Investment: per truck Hardware Cost: 2,000 € (net amount) Installation Cost: ~100 € Service Cost: 40 €/ month (comprehencive) Cost Savings: ~233 € per month

This shows that the Aplicom alternative is very cost efficient when compared to other telematics HW products for medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Contact Aplicom for more information. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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