Extended Warranty Service Order Form

This service order form applies to valid extended warranties for Aplicom A1 units.

To guarantee quick and appropriate service please make sure the form is carefully filled in. For any advice please contact Aplicom Service:

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To return the faulty unit, Aplicom Service will send you a filled-in return bill of carriage by email.

Faulty unit information


 3-year Pick-up & Return warranty for A1 (We will send you a pre-filled carriage note for the return of unit within 2 working days.)
 3-year Instant Replacement warranty for A1 (Replacement unit will be sent to you normally within two working days. Please return faulty unit within 14 days, otherwise Aplicom will charge the delivered replacement unit)

Please fill in the pick-up address for the faulty unit(s)

Replacement / return unit(s):

Please fill in the shipping address for the replacement / return unit(s) if different from the pick-up address:

Please note: If the faulty unit does not comply with the Aplicom warranty conditions stated in Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Goods, Aplicom will charge the replacement unit or the repair cost of the faulty unit along with the carriage cost.

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